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Replacement Fiberglass Windows in Los Angeles

Fiberglass windows are relatively new in Los Angeles, but they are quickly gaining in popularity and may soon be as common as vinyl replacement windows.

Fiberglass windows are made from long, thin glass fibers that have been formed into solid material that’s perfect for lightweight, strong window frames. The long, thin strands of spun fiberglass in these windows create tiny, invisible air pockets that provide exceptional insulation, making fiberglass windows very energy efficient. Fiberglass also doesn’t conduct heat or cold, so your window sills and frames will be a comfortable, room temperature no matter how hot or cold it is outside.

The high tensile strength of fiberglass window frames mean you won’t ever contend with replacement windows in your Los Angeles home that buckle, warp, stick, or bow. They are extremely easy care while being very secure; it’s extremely difficult for someone to break the frame or lock on fiberglass replacement windows.

One of the primary reasons Los Angeles homeowners choose fiberglass replacement windows is because they’re ideal for a climate that subjects windows to a variety of harsh environmental conditions. Fiberglass is extremely corrosion resistant – it isn’t affected by moisture, chemicals, pollution or salt. If you live near the coast, you know how important it is to have windows that aren’t affected by those brisk ocean breezes.

Fiberglass windows are the only replacement windows aside from wood, that you can paint in any color, so you don’t have to fear being locked in to one color for the life of the windows. You can customize the interior and exterior of your windows to perfectly match your home, or provide a bold counterpoint with a pop of color on your windows. You can’t do this with aluminum or vinyl windows.

You can also achieve stunning window effects with fiberglass that you can’t with wood or vinyl, thanks to its unusual strength. Narrower profiles are available with larger expanses of glass, giving you the freedom of unobstructed views and more natural light. Call Cooks Doors and Windows today to learn more about replacement windows and how fiberglass windows can add value and curb appeal to your home.


Introducing Western Window Systems

Cook's would like to introduce you to Western Window Systems, one of our many fine window suppliers.  Western makes aluminum windows of excellent quality and versatility.

Western Window Systems produces that extremely high-end, modern look with expansive windows that insulate incredibly well.  Western is a solid American company employing the best in our industry.  Have a look at Western Window System's line and contact Cook's so we can help you achieve your dream project.

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