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Cook's Doors and Windows Carries Metal Window's Line: Metal Window Aluminum Windows


Aluminum Windows in Los Angeles

Aluminum windows in Los Angeles can be found in thousands of commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Although many people think replacement windows are usually vinyl these days, using aluminum for your new windows is an excellent decision. Aluminum windows offer great looks at a value price, and are still the top choice of many residential architects due to their incredible versatility.

Today’s aluminum windows are available in a rich palette of colors to coordinate beautifully with your home’s interior and exterior. You can choose bold, deep tones or go with softer pastels, giving you a wonderful look that no one will know is aluminum.

Because aluminum is so strong and lightweight, it’s perfect if you want to install large expanses of glass in your home. Aluminum windows are usually what you see when you admire a wide stretch of plate glass windows or oversized windows with casings that seem to disappear, giving the illusion of a glass wall or no wall at all.

Aluminum windows are three times as strong as vinyl windows and give you more design options. For instance, you can have a glass corner with a very thin aluminum edge, something that’s not possible with vinyl, wood or any other window framing. Since aluminum window frames can hold more glass, you can get very creative with your new windows and really open up your house to the natural light.

Aluminum windows resist moisture well, or virtually maintenance free, and protect your home from noise pollution. They provide superior noise proofing, making them a great choice if you live on a noisy street. In terms of value for your money, you get better noise proofing, lightweight, versatile framing and windows that are economical and attractive by buying aluminum windows. If you want showcase windows that take advantage of a great view and set your house apart from others, aluminum windows are one of your best choices.

Introducing Western Window Systems

Cook's would like to introduce you to Western Window Systems, one of our many fine window suppliers.  Western makes aluminum windows of excellent quality and versatility.

Western Window Systems produces that extremely high-end, modern look with expansive windows that insulate incredibly well.  Western is a solid American company employing the best in our industry.  Have a look at Western Window System's line and contact Cook's so we can help you achieve your dream project.

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