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Interior Doors in Los Angeles

Using decorative interior doors in your Los Angeles home can change the entire look of your house, elevating it from the ordinary to the extraordinary. In days gone by, interior doors were lovingly hand carved and finished with unique details that made each interior door a work of art. Victorian homes and older, estate homes in Europe often featured beautiful interior doors with details such as set-in panels, custom moulding and glass inserts. However, many of today’s homes have standard interior doors that are functional but plain and unattractive.

At Cooks Doors and Windows, we offer homeowners the largest selection of interior doors in Los Angeles. We’re proud of our extensive line-up of custom crafted and top quality prefabricated doors that add grace and beauty to any home interior. We’ve combed the country to find the best manufacturers working with the best materials and tools in order to bring you exceptional interior doors that will be the envy of friends and family.

We offer everything from solid hardwood interior doors with traditional four and six panel styling to unique glass paneled doors featuring unusual textures and integrated patterns such as leaves and sea grass. With so many beautiful doors to choose from, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect doors to accent every room in your house.

We’re proud to offer our Los Angeles customers a rich array of interior door styles, including

· Wonderful, warm hardwoods such as maple, cherry and oak

· A variety of stains and finishes to coordinate perfectly with any décor

· MDF or reinforced fiberboard doors that are durable, attractive and eco-friendly

· Glass panel interior doors to let light in and open up your home’s interior

· Custom glass options such as etching, grids, and unique textures to ensure privacy while allowing light through and to add a decorative touch

· A variety of price points to meet every budget

You may like the sophisticated elegance of interior doors that match throughout your home, or you may prefer to install a different style and color of door to each room for a truly individual, signature style. Whatever your preference, we have the doors for you.


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