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About Cook's Doors & Windows

Cook's Doors and Windows has been a family owned and operated business since it's founding in 1923.

Cook's Lumber as it was in the 1930's

Upon his arrival from Iowa Bert L. Cook set Cook's Lumber as the local hardware store and lumber yard.   Cook's Doors & Windows still operates out of the same location today 86 years later.  In 1938, Bert was joined by his son Charles when he graduated from Leuzinger High School.  Charles then served in the navy in both World War Two and the Korean War returning to Cook's in 1955.

Charles became the proprietor of the business with the passing of his father in 1959.  With the construction boom of the 1960s and 70s Charles skillfully directed the company into the growing door and window business.  In the early 1980s Charles was joined by his sons Bob and Jim after their graduation from college.

Throuh the upswings and the difficult downturns in the housing market of the 1980s and '90s Cook's continued to grow through hard work and loyal customers.

The 3 Amigos: Bob, Charles, and Jim Cook

Jim and Bob took over from Charles upon his retirement in 2001 and continue to run the business today just as Bert and Charles had always intended...

"Our family serving yours"
Introducing Western Window Systems

Cook's would like to introduce you to Western Window Systems, one of our many fine window suppliers.  Western makes aluminum windows of excellent quality and versatility.

Western Window Systems produces that extremely high-end, modern look with expansive windows that insulate incredibly well.  Western is a solid American company employing the best in our industry.  Have a look at Western Window System's line and contact Cook's so we can help you achieve your dream project.

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